Real estate photo retouching

We are a real estate photo retouching service, aiming to bring out the best in housing and property images.

It is too easy for the best intended photos of you sale property to be a poor indication of the property’s appeal and worth. A housing image sometimes looks a misleading as a passport photo. The right light and the right weather might give you good photographic results. Or you could get some general photos polished up.

Real Estate photo retouching is an honest practice. We make the photos look as good as the housing property would on a fine sunny day. Ultimately, a house sells on its own merits; but a good photo is what brings in the enquiries. We retouch real estate photos, showing prospective buyers that the property is well worth visiting.

Real Estate Photo Editing Services Generally Include:

  • Sharpening the Image
  • Brightness and contrast enhancement
  • Tone adjustment
  • White balancing
  • Horizontal &Vertical alignment
  • Cropping and reframing
  • Enhancing or replacing blue sky backgrounds
  • Removing camera flare, light flare and undesirable reflections.
  • Removing extraneous objects.
  • High Dynamic Range processing (HDR)
  • Optional addition of a custom watermark

Real Estate Photo Retouching

It is a simple matter for photos to be transferred on the internet. We can usually receive, retouch and return photos within 24 hours.