Real estate photo retouching - Real estate photo editing services

A good real estate photo generates interest in the property. A property will sell on its own merits, but a good photography gets the client's attention. Now getting the right photography is no longer a matter of expensive photographers waiting for just the right light. Photo retouching can bring out the best in the property.

Real Estate Photo Editing Services Generally Include:

  • Image sharpening
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Tone adjustment
  • White balancing
  • Vertical alignment
  • Lens distortion removal
  • Cropping and reframing
  • Sky replacement
  • Making walls appear clean
  • Remove cords, utensils or other casual items.
  • Add lights to lamps or fire to fireplaces
  • Wall art removal
  • Removal of over bright windows and unnatural looking reflections.
  • High Dynamic Range processing (HDR)
  • Addition of a custom watermark

High dynamic range rendering compensates for the fact that the human eye processes visual information in a way not always best captured in a photo; our eyes see a very wide brightness range, and our irises compensate for weak or bright conditions I a way that static photos cannot. Correct processing can compensate for this, and make any photos an accurate representation of your property.

Real Estate Photo Editing Services

Our turnaround times are minimal; you can have the retouches competed the next day. The internet submission and return makes this easier than ever. Use our Photo retouch service and show your clients what they should be seeing.